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CODE Night Photo Policy

(Posted March 5 2024)

1. Copyright Notice
2. Attendee Photo Taking
3. Event Photography 
4. Gear Portraits
5. Photo Removal Requests

1. Copyright Notice - All photos are property of CODE Night. Photos may not be reproduced or used for commercial purposes by any individuals, businesses or entities other than CODE Night. Permissions are given to the individuals photographed, for their personal non-commercial  use as they deem appropriate. Watermarks may not be removed or cropped out of the photo.

2. Attendee Photo Taking - Attendees may take photos of themselves or other individuals for whom they have asked and received consent, ONLY when in the show lounge (social area.)  No photos are to be taken in the back room / bunker area at any time. Attendee photos should be careful not to reveal the faces of individuals who did not expressly consent to be photographed.

3. Event Photography - CODE Night Producers may, on occasion, be taking photos of small attendee groups, or wide angle group / room shots to be used in future promotion of the event. An announcement will be made at the start of such photography sessions, and at the end, so that individuals who do not wish to appear in these shots may move to another area of the venue or simply turn away from the camera.

4. Gear Portraits - CODE Night Producers may, from time to time, hire professional photographers to provide free gear portraits to CODE Night Attendees. These portraits remain the property of CODE Night, but may be used by the individuals photographed for their personal non-commercial use as they deem appropriate. Gear Portraits may be used by CODE Night in promotional, marketing and advertising campaigns for future CODE Night events.  In this way, CODE Night marketing materials will feature actual CODE Night attendees. Gear Portraits may be posted in CODE Night social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc.) and on the CODE Night website.

5. Photo Removal Requests - Individuals may request that photos of themselves be removed from the CODE Night online galleries, social media or marketing materials.  To do so, contact CODE Night via direct message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Please include the following with your request:  A recent selfie of yourself, A copy of your photo ID, A copy of the image you wish to have removed.  We will do our best to comply with these requests swiftly. If the photo is an individual photo, it will be removed.  If it is a group photo, we may simply blur your face and retain the photo online.

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