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About The Dress Code

CODE Night was created as an event for folks who enjoy wearing fetish gear, and who dress with a purpose. We seek to create an intentional space for individuals in fetish gear to feel safe, welcome and affirmed.  In order to achieve this, a dress code is enforced at CODE Night events. 

CODE Night welcomes all bodies, ages (21+), genders, orientations, and ethnicities.

The following guidelines define CODE Night events.

  • No Cover Charge (Unless otherwise noted.)

  • All access in the show lounge, regardless of attire.

  • Dress code enforced in the the back/bunker bar.

  • Complimentary coat and bag check available..

  • Loaner vests & harnesses available at doorman's discretion.

  • CODE Night is a Gear Up event, not a Strip Down event.


  • Leather

  • Rubber, Latex, Neoprene

  • Spandex/Zentai

  • Full Uniforms/Power Suits

  • Fetish Gear

At least one major item of fetish gear is required.
An armband/belt/boots by themselves are not considered a major item of fetish gear.
When in doubt, WEAR MORE GEAR.
The doorman has the final say.

Kinksters know and use their manners.
Consent is sexy.
Wearing gear is not consent.
Being in a sexually charged space is not consent.
NO means NO.
Violate consent, and you will removed from the event & banned from future attendance.

Gear Up, Go Out, and Get Busy!

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